About Kipu Quantum

Kipu Quantum is a German quantum computing startup that currently works in stealth mode while fundraising a seed round. We design quantum computer products that fulfil customer needs and/or solve real problems at different business scales. We operate at the intersection between use cases from our customers, platform hardware supplies, and development of quantum algorithms. Kipu Quantum engages in the challenge of providing quantum usefulness since now and quantum advantage rather soon.

What is a quantum computer and why should I care?

Quantum computing is an emerging technology that replaces the very core of conventional (or classical) computers, the silicon-based transistor, with quantum systems. Effectively, bits are being replaced with quantum bits, so-called qubits. Qubits function differently from conventional bits because they operate under different physical principles, quantum physics. New effects like entanglement and quantum teleportation allow special new (quantum) algorithms to be operated.

Using their specific quantum properties, large-scale quantum computers with a large number of very high quality qubits can be used to do unique things like drastically accelerating certain computational tasks. This has been demonstrated by a team of Google researchers led by John Martinis in 2019 in an experiment called “quantum supremacy” where a scientific sampling problem that would take a classical supercomputer more than 10,000 years in merely 200 seconds – an acceleration by a factor of more than one billion! While the sampling problem tackled by Martinis’ team has no direct economic relevance, it shows the quantum potential. Accelerating certain problems in scientific modeling in pharma or chemicals, or in numerical optimizations in manufacturing or finance by a fraction of a billion would have tremendous economic potential – management consultancies like Boston Consulting Group and McKinsey & Company estimated the value at stake in the order of hundreds of billions of dollars.