Application-specific quantum computing
for early industrial usefulness

Kipu serves customers and develops large markets

We create customer value in five verticals using off-the-shelf quantum technologies & parts

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About Kipu Quantum

Kipu Quantum is a German quantum computing startup that currently works in stealth mode. We design quantum computing products that fulfil customer needs and/or solve real problems at different business scales. We operate at the intersection between customer use cases, quantum hardware, and quantum algorithms, which we develop in-houses. Kipu Quantum engages in the challenge of providing industrial quantum advantage sooner than competing approaches.

How is Kipu different?

Its unique technological approaches allow to solve industry-relevant problems while slashing requied physical qubit numbers down by several order of magnitude. Already starting from several hundred qubits, i.e. already during the current NISQ (Noisy Intermediate-Scale Quantum) era of quantum hardware development, commercial usefulness can be achieved for suitable application domains.

Novel algorithmic compression methods and unique hardware-software co-design capabilities allow to arrive at the Noisy Intermediate-Scale Quantum Advantage (NISQA) paradigm invented by Prof. Solano in the near-term future. Implementations of this paradigm will lead to practical usefulness of application-specific quantum computers, challenging or outperforming classical – i.e. non-quantum – high-performance computer systems at a fraction of the costs.

In contrast, conventional approaches requiring huge qubits counts typically numbering in the millions and elaborate qubit error-correction capabilities. Both of these requirements are far beyond the reach of current scientific and engineering capabilities, i.e. they can at best only emerge many years after NISQA will have established itself.

Kipu Quantum’s solutions deliver value to its clients by providing usefulness through a careful selection, development, and integration of best-of-breed components that make up a turn-key deployment, from the underlying hardware, all the way up to the application software level. Kipu’s tech is largely hardware-agnotic, i.e. compatible with all leading quantum hardware technologies and platforms, such as superconducting qubits, ion traps, cold atoms, NV centers or photonic quantum computing. The company proved its ability to solve big problems on small hardware in several benchmarking studies for use cases such as financial portfolio optimization, protein folding, molecular modeling, combinatorial optimization and factorization.

Kipu is currently testing its technology with customers in the pharmaceutical, chemical, logistics, artificial intelligence, and finance industries.

This positions Kipu Quantum at the nexus of market demand and commercial use cases on one hand, and the whole spectrum of available technical approaches on the other hand.

Due to its team’s many years of combined relevant expertise in the technical and commercial aspects of quantum computing, Kipu Quantum is well-positioned to bring together leading edge technological contributions when architecting and integrating a quantum computing platform for end users.