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Kipu Quantum and the University of Santiago de Chile sign Research Agreement

KARLSRUHE, GERMANY, and SANTIAGO DE CHILE, CHILE, August 10, 2023 – Kipu Quantum GmbH, a German quantum software company focusing on developing application-dependent and hardware-specific quantum algorithms that are commercialized as enterprise solutions, and the University of Santiago de Chile, signed a Research Agreement with the goal of developing digital, analog, and digital analog quantum computing solutions in superconducting circuits, trapped ions, and neutral atoms.
Kipu Quantum’s algorithms rely on a one-of-a-kind digital and digital-analog compression technology requiring orders of magnitude less circuit depth to solve a given problem. Kipu Quantum has the unique ability to solve industrially relevant problems at least a decade earlier than competing approaches by leveraging small- and medium-sized quantum processors. Even on today’s hardware, Kipu Quantum holds several performance records in use cases such as protein folding, portfolio optimization, factorization, and logistics modeling. In addition, Kipu Quantum aims to combine digital and analog encoding methods resulting in even further compressed algorithms. In this manner, it is expected that these algorithms, combined with incrementally improved hardware, will provide industrially useful applications soon.
“We are deeply proud of this collaboration with USACH, a leading Latin American university with a team of world experts in superconducting circuits, trapped ions, quantum simulation, and quantum computing,“ said Prof. Enrique Solano, co-founder and Chief Visionary Officer at Kipu Quantum. “The University of Santiago de Chile is our second academic partner after we signed an agreement with the University of Valencia earlier this year. Kipu Quantum is always generating the most influential trends in science and technology, as well as exchanging intellectual property and collaborations with the best teams worldwide.”

“We are focused on developing our Kipu Quantum technologies in a constant exchange with the leading minds working in academic institutions and industrial hubs. Our bet for Latin American talent is reflected in this agreement and also in our hiring strategy, with brilliant people coming from all over the planet,” said Dr. Daniel Volz, co-founder and CEO at Kipu Quantum.

“We are glad to partner with Kipu Quantum, the leading quantum computing company worldwide, providing our expertise in applied quantum technologies and turning them together into industry use cases to approach quantum advantage to the present,” said Prof. Francisco Albarrán-Arriagada, the leading USACH researcher involved in this agreement with Kipu Quantum.

About Kipu Quantum GmbH

Kipu Quantum is a German company operating at the intersection of the quantum computer hardware and application software layers, with disruptive technological and algorithmic solutions for industries worldwide. Its algorithms rely on a one-of-a-kind digital and digital-analog compression technology requiring orders of magnitude less circuit depth to solve a given problem. Founded in 2021, Kipu Quantum’s technology has the potential to solve industry- relevant problems in the order of 1,000-5,000 physical qubits and is compatible with every leading quantum hardware. The company is currently testing its technology with customers in the pharmaceutical, chemical, logistics, artificial intelligence, and finance industries.
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