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R’s fiber network topology analysed withquantum algorithms developed by CINFO and Kipu Quantum

  • The Galician telco operator has developed with CINFO – and its technological partner Kipu Quantum – a project to study the resilience of its fiber optic network with algorithms based on quantum computing.
  • Quantum analysis allowed R to create a model that calibrates the robustness of the R backbone network to reinforce critical points and further improve quality of service.
  • The algorithm has been executed on two quantum computers of different technologies and on 180 and 66 qubits respectively.
  • The goal is to fully develop these algorithms before 2025 so that they can analyse the backbone network of R and the entire MASMOVIL Group as quantum infrastructures grow and can support larger problems.

Wednesday, December 20, 2023 – The project launched by CINFO on the R infrastructure examines robustness, reaction and recovery capacity or resilience in the face of potential outages, network attacks or critical situations. The project relies on the capacity currently offered by quantum computers.

This highly relevant information will allow R to identify potential weak points detected by quantum algorithms and anticipate problem resolution, thus achieving a maximum rate of network availability and service excellence.

Testing of a real case

The topology of an advanced fiber network infrastructure like R’s requires a detailed study of the connectivity of its nodes and of the reconfiguration of the network in case of a critical situation, to facilitate a balance of its strength. For this reason, R has become a real use case in which, by executing algorithms or models through quantum computers, points of improvement in the network can be detected and conclusions drawn to act.

The algorithms have been tested on 2 different quantum computers dedicating 180 and 66 qubits (quantum bits) respectively.

As quantum computers acquire more capacity, more and more complex variables can be incorporated into the algorithmic study. Therefore, the path of the CINFO project, in collaboration with its expert partner in quantum solutions Kipu Quantum, remains open to these further improvements which are predictable from a quantum technology perspective. Kipu Quantum is a world-leading company boosting useful quantum computing with application-dependent hardware-specific quantum solutions. It is expected that in 2025 these quantum computers will already be capable of processing the algorithm for a fully defined complex network like the R backbone.

The goal now is to develop these algorithms to the maximum before 2025 so that they can thoroughly examine the fiber network of the Galician operator and the entire MASMOVIL Group as the infrastructure grows and is perfected.


R – R is the leading telco operator providing advanced telecommunications services in Galicia, where it has become the flagship of the MASMOVIL Group since 2021 (

Cinfo – Cinfo is a Galician technology company specialized in high-performance systems for telecommunications networks and the intersection between video and artificial intelligence (