Application-specific quantum computing since 2011

Our co-founder and Chief Scientist Prof. Dr. Enrique (Kike) Solano has a long track record in the quantum computing space. Since more than a decade, with his first pioneering publications having been published in 2011, he and his global collaborators have been developing the scientific foundation behind our key technology concepts.

Recent publications

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Selected historic publications

This list is a selection of Kike Solano’s research articles containing both theory and experimental works in modular and codesign quantum simulation and quantum computation involving Embedding Quantum Simulators (EQS), Digital-Analog Quantum Simulation (DAQS), Digital-Analog Quantum Computing (DAQC), Digitized-Adiabatic Quantum Computing, as well as the first works on Modular Quantum Simulation and Modular Quantum Computing in their evolution along the past decade. It also show-cases our strong network of collaborators which reaches to several universities and many leading companies.

Mapping unphysical operations on a physical architecture (EQS): J. Casanova, C. Sabín, J. León, I. L. Egusquiza, R. Gerritsma, C. Roos, J. J. García-Ripoll, and E. Solano, “Quantum Simulation of the Majorana Equation and Unphysical Operations”, Phys. Rev. X 1, 021018 (2011). Link: [1102.1651] Quantum Simulation of the Majorana Equation and Unphysical Operations (

Here, we enhanced the architecture possibilities of quantum simulations/computations involving mathematical models that do not have a direct mapping on a physical system. This is the case, for example, of Black-Scholes equations in financial models. It is this paper the original proposal of what later we named Embedding Quantum Simulators or, equivalently, Embedding Quantum Computers. This requires ancillary qubits with a suitable mapping of model onto architecture that was inexistent previously.

Quantum simulation of quantum field theories for trapped ions (DAQS): J. Casanova, L. Lamata, I. L. Egusquiza, R. Gerritsma, C. F. Roos, J. J. García-Ripoll, and E. Solano, “Quantum simulation of quantum field theories in trapped ions”, Phys. Rev. Lett. 107, 260501 (2011). Link: [1107.5233] Quantum Simulation of Quantum Field Theories in Trapped Ions (

In this work, we develop for the first time the possibility of combining qubits and motional modes in trapped ions for a quantum computation of quantum field theories in the co-design paradigm. Harmonic oscillator excitations are not mapped onto qubits, in-built harmonic oscillators in the architecture represent harmonic oscillators in the model. This proposal was tested in the lab and published later.

Transforming an analog block into another one by single-qubit pulses (DAQS): D. Ballester, G. Romero, J. J. García-Ripoll, F. Deppe, and E. Solano, “Quantum simulation of the ultrastrong coupling dynamics in circuit QED”, Phys. Rev. X 2, 021007 (2012). Link: [1107.5748] Quantum Simulation of the Ultrastrong Coupling Dynamics in Circuit QED (

Here, we developed first tools for creating Co-Design counter-rotating terms, associated with a pseudo-violation of energy conservation, onto a conventional light-matter interaction model. In that way we could move towards collective Dicke model and towards superradiance phenomena.